LED Lighting

Green and clean.

LED Lighting

Distortion free light.

LED is the technology of light today. The success of LED is driven by the high numbers of the consumer and household applications, with many professional markets now transitioning to LED. Low quality LED drivers can cause disturbance to other devices and poor light quality. 

For low-power applications no PFC is required due to the minimum impact of the total power consumption on the grid. But what happens if in an office building 1000 LED drivers of 20W each are connected to the mains? What seems to be a minor disturbance of one unit is repeated 1000 times, creating big issues, including the disturbance of wireless applications like Wi-Fi. In the near future when renewable energy is the standard, the demands for a clean (DC) grid will certainly be much stricter. With our advantageous bridgeless power quality controller (PQC) we are ready for the future. Are you?


Powering the future today

We have a passion for power and want to be a part of the future by creating and applying innovative technology to the power solutions we offer. Can we also be a part of your future? 
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