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Micro DC/DC current converter

As governments and institutions strive for the reduction of greenhouse gasses, technology undergoes continuous development to enable the transition from non-renewable to renewable energy sources. Key elements in this development are high efficiency, reliability, and long lifetime. Amongst the many alternative energy sources solar energy has had a lot of commercial success, with many homes and businesses having solar panels nowadays. However, the increasing number of solar panels is presenting limitations with regards to shading and partial shading of the modules.


Micro DC DC converter 2 



Input voltage: 9.6 to 17.8VDC
Input current: 10A max.
Output voltage: 325 to 600VDC
Output current: 300mA max.
Euro efficiency: >94%
CEC efficiency: >95%
Peak efficiency >96%
Dimensions: 200 x 80 x 25mm


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