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Micro Inverter AC

The Heliox micro inverter is part of a domestic Solar PV system which takes a low voltage DC and efficiently transforms this into an AC current into the AC distribution network. Each micro inverter is paired with a single PV module which ensures that each PV module has its own MPPT and can individually feed power into the grid.

The micro inverter is suitable for outdoor use with a durable aluminum enclosure and IP 66 protection. The unit can be mounted near or under the PV module on a mounting rack.

The micro inverter includes optional performance monitoring and logging facilities through RF communication with a gateway. This gateway is mounted in-house and connects to a web-based portal via ethernet. 

XSX300 open cover


Input voltage: 15 to 50VDC
Input current: 0.05 to 9.7A
Output voltage: 198 to 253Vrms
Output current: 1.3Arms
Frequency: 48 to 52Hz
Dimensions: 218 x 172 x 35mm
Environmental Category: for outdoor use
Ingress Protection: IP66
Temperature range: -40 to +85°C
Lifetime: >25 years


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