Custom power solutions

We offer optimized tailored power solutions.

Demanding markets

Our competences matches the requirements of our customers.

Innovative technology

We apply the latest and create new patented technology.

Reliable cutting-edge products

Designed and manufactured according market specific requirements.

World-class manufacturing

Close by, cost effective and fully controlled manufacturing.

High-end Audio

From a classical symphony to a lonesome voice singing the blues. And from a contemporary jazz quartet to a pounding hip hop orchestra. Music moves us. The key to reliving these emotions is pure, uncolored sound.

We believe in amplifying music exactly as it was recorded. Our audio products add nothing to the sound and take nothing away, allowing you to hear the music exactly as it was meant to be heard.

Klank Audio designs and builds amplifiers, power supplies and audio power boards that provide the most neutral sound attainable. Our designs are kept as simple as possible to keep the sound clean and the energy usage to a minimum.

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High-tech industry

From motor drives to wireless power converters, from inverters to battery chargers, the variety of applications in the high-tech industry is enormous. Fortunately most of the power requirements can be fulfilled by standard power converters, but for unique requirements it is important that your power partner has the system knowledge, applies innovative technologies and understands the impact of all legal requirements. Heliox Power Products is experienced and focuses on demanding applications in the high-tech industry.

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LED lighting

LED is the technology of light today. The success of LED is driven by the high numbers of the consumer and household applications and professional markets are transitioning now. Low quality LED drivers can cause disturbance to other devices and poor light quality. 

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When electronic equipment will be in contact with people, safety is the first rule. Heliox Power Products has detailed knowledge of the medical requirements and technology in house to fulfill specific power needs on system level. Heliox Power Products has over a decade of experience developing power solutions for medical applications, including an innovative solution for wireless power conversion to energize an active Medical Implantable Devices with a high degree of safety, reliability and accuracy. Our medical products are manufactured according EN 13485.

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The Heliox Micro inverter is an advanced inverter system for use in grid-connected applications. With its broad input voltage range, 300W power capability and high efficiency, this micro inverter is designed for maximum energy harvesting, lifetime use, and reliability. The system set-up simplifies design, installation, and management, while maximizing redundancy.

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Keep in touch with the latest developments at our company and in the industry.


Powering the future today

We have a passion for power and want to be a part of the future by creating and applying innovative technology to the power solutions we offer. Can we also be a part of your future? 
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